My Transformation into a Cat

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Ah, 2 new pics in this one. The hands are the best I've ever doen to be sure. Enjoy!


Ash & Misty into Vulipx


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Requested by Fionacat

Yet another sequence! Gotta love me! This bute' was requested by my pal Fionacat. Sorry I took so long to get it done!


Jeri into Leomon


At Stonegate's sugestion, I took a good look at the other kids in the 3rd Digimon season and decided to hit them with the TF bug as well. ^_^


Suzie into Lopmon


Little brat makes cute little digimon.


Ryo into Cyberdramon


This one was requested by Stonegate. Here ya go dude!


Tai into Koromon


AWWWWW ^_^. Cuteness overload.


 Takato into Jeri's sockpuppet


Ok, explaing time. On the show, Jeri always has this yellow dog-ish sockpuppet at all times. Thus, a weird ass pic came to mind. I'm pretty sure this is a TF 1st!