Coming Soon

 In Progress

Skunk Tf 2

Misty into a cow Tf (color)

TK into Pegasusmon (color)

Izzy into Kabuterimon (color)

Sora into Birdramon (color)

Mimi into Lillymon (color)

Yolei into Aquillamon (color)

 Waiting to be scaned

Kari into Nefertimon (color)


Trades, & Requests

I am always open to requests and ideas, so if you have anything you want to see just e-mail me. Keep in mind though, if you do a request I need more than just " ____ into a ____". I need a good description of the TF (or anything else) with poses, what's changed, clothing, description of character, and any reactions or props. These will help me do it more quickly, and I will be more likely to do it.

To resquest, mail me at


or by my ICQ