Ash and Meowth

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Based upon a picture drawn by Kanada


Ash Ketchum famed pokemon trainer lay quietly in his sleeping bag, it was all ready starting to get light but he didn't
care at all.

It has been a remarkably warm night and so Ash had stripped down to just his pants and his sleeping bag.

Much to his distress it was about then that he realised Misty and Brock whom he had been travelling with had gone, but
not only had they gone they'd taken his bag which he had carefully stuffed his clothes into before going to sleep.

"Ahhh...." Ash sighed unhappily looking around, even Pikachu his faithful pokemon appeared to have gone off with Misty
and Brock for breakfast.

Ash felt very alone, slightly scared and very embarrased, he wasn't quite sure how he was going to get out of this.

Just then there was a rustle in the bushes, Ash was slightly relieved thinking Misty or Brock had returned but was
horrified to see Meowth from Team Rocket emerge.

"Oh wow it's the twerp!" Meowth exlaimed happily, "I'll get your Pikachu and take it back by my self!"

Ash smiled, "Sorry Meowth, but Pikachu has gone to get breakfast."

Meowth cursed angrilly, "Well if you don't have a pokemon on you we'll just have to make one..."

Ash tried to back off but couldn't still being in the sleeping bag.

"What... What do you mean Meowth?" Ash asked worried.

"Do you know what happens if a human has sex with a pokemon?" Meowth asked an evil twinkle in his eye.

"That's sick!" Ash exclaimed trying to put the image out of his mind.

"Obviously not, I do... " Meowth said, "They turn into a pokemon themselves."

Ash's eyes turned wide in fear as he saw Meowth carefully paw himself.

To Ash's amazement where seconds before there had only been fur Mewoth now had a penis that was at least as big as Ash's

Meowth smiled and gently stroked it with his paw, instantly Meowth's penis grew in size.

Ash screamed as Meowth jumped onto the back of his sleeping bag and carefully using his claws to slice the bag open.

"Please don't..." Ash said terrorified of what was about to happen.

"This may feel a little odd, try and enjoy it..." Meowth whispered pulling Ash's shorts down with just a single paw
revealing Ash's buttocks.

Meowth gently extended a claw into Ash's butt causing Ash to scream loudly some more.

Then Meowth casually sat on Ash's still sleepin bag covered legs and started probing for an entrance with his now 4 inch
long penis.

Ash screamed louder as he felt a hard moist tip probe the rim of his anus.

"Nooooooooo!!!!!" Ash shouted crying out to anyone that could hear him, someone had to hear him before...

Ash's eyes shot open and he tried to force his anus closed as Meowth drove into him but he couldn't the earlier claw from
Meowth made it impossible to do so.

Meowth sighed in pleasure and started to jutt into Ash feeling hot seed start to pump into Ash.

Meanwhile Ash stopped screaming and had started to whimper loudly as he coulf feel a strange hot liquid pump into him from
Meowth filling him slowly.

It was about then that Ash felt the warmth continue to spread around his body.

Meowth withdrew from Ash his penis still drippling white cum from it's tip.

"I've never heard of male pokemon having sex with a male trainer, it'll be intresting to see what happens..." Meowth cackled

Ash tried to stand up and was shocked when he was consumed by sleeping bag, he'd shrunk to only three foot tall, the size
of a Meowth!

Ash scrambled out of the sleeping bag, apart from being three foot tall he didn't feel any diffrent exept for his ass
hurting lots but that was only to be expected after being raped by a Meowth.

Ash gently rubbed his backside only for his hand to collide with a small stub.

"What??" Ash said looking back at his butt and seeing a large fluffy tail starting to grow there.
Meowth cakcled evilly, "You're going to be a Meowth just like me."

Ash recoiled in horror as a light creamy fur started to appear all over his body, firstly his normal body hair changed to a
light white colour before a tingly sensation grew slowly from his new large fluffy tail covering his butt in Meowth

"What meowth you meowth mewoth?" Ash asked his normally calm voice becoming that of a scared Meowth and with an obvious
quivering fear noticable.

"I'm not doing anything Ash, this is what happens when Pokemon and Humans have sex." Mewoth explained calmly eyeing Ash
as his changes progressed.

Ash grasped at his legs as the creamy fur crawled slowly down tingling and causing Ash to moan loudly in pain as the
fur continued to move down his legs to his feet.

But it was short lived as Ash felt a stabbing pain in his nipples, to Ash's horror his nipple started to slowly move out
from his diminutive body. The rest of his breast followed suit and Ash was forced to hold his now partially fur covered
hand in a vain attempt to stop them from growing any more.

Much to Ash's surprise holding his breast felt very good, so good he started to absent mindedly rub the tip of his nipple
with the fur on the back of his hand until he noticed Meowth staring at him with a huge beaming smile on his face and a
large errection.

Much as Ash wanted to keep his hands over his breast more for the feeling of pleasure then the trying to keep them from
growing he was distracted by the intense pain from his ears which felt like the skin was slowly burning off growing
again only to be burnt off seconds later.

Covering his ears he felt them slowly creep up his head as they continued to painfully burn Ash failed to notice another
two sets of breast grow in under his existing two making him start to look like a female cat with all the fur covering his
body and the six breast on his furry body.

Meowth gently pushed against Ash's body, much to Ash's alarm Ash liked this contact and licked Meowth's still large cock
gently before snapping back to the horrific reality he was facing.

Unfortunatly Ash's body wasn't playing along and Ash found his new feline cock fully errect and pulsing slightly with
pleasure. Ash's eyes grew wide in amazement, he'd seen Brock naked once and always enved how much bigger he was then Ash
now however he was at least three or four times bigger then he should be.

Ash's dick continued to pulsate slightly and grew even bigger Ash smiling happily at this point until he saw Meowth looking
at him with a evil grin on his face.

"You'll make a good mother for our kittens Ash baby..." Meowth said glaring at Ash evilly.

Ash blinked, "Meowth you mean?" Ash tried saying the words being mangled by his continued transformation.

The pleasure Ash had from his enlarged member suddenly turned to fear as his penis became very thin and turned a bright
red colour before starting to shrink and slowly crawl into his body. Ash screached in horror as his penis completly
vanished into his body leaving him with nothing but a small vagina there instead.

Continuing to scream Ash tried widly to run but tripped over his own feet as they rapidly changed into paws which
he simply couldn't run with.
Ash tried to push himself up onto his hind legs only to find his hands had also turned to paws and this was a high as
he, or was it now she could go.

"Meowth! Meowth meowwwwwwth!!" Ash shouted loudly looking around in panic not sure what was happening any more and seeing
only Meowth from Team Rocket standing there slowly crawled over to him.

Meowth in response just smiled widely and worked his way around to Ash's rear carefully inserting himself into Ash's
newfound vagina.

Ash purrrred as Meowth continued to pump hot seed into Ash, both of them vanishing into the moment not noticing the
final changes take place as Ash grew whiskers and sharp cat like teeth.

Mewoth withdrew from Ash gently rubbing his paw over Ash's rear pressing hard against the now furry female butt of Ash.

"I told you that you would make me some great kittens..." Meowth said slyly gently hugging Ash who sat there cleaning
herself as cats do.

Meowth smiled and took Ash by the paw leading him back to Team Rocket base and a new life as a mother.

Ash and Meowth

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